Respect for the individual

Our organization values the dignity of the individual. We promote their personal and professional development and we appreciate their ideas and contributions. Consequently, we promote dignified work and we foster improving the quality of life of our employees and their families.


We are committed to honesty, congruity and austerity, we speak truthfully and act accordingly, and we safeguard the company’s, the community’s and our own personal assets


We take responsibility for our decisions and our actions, insuring that we reliably fulfill our commitments to our clients, personnel, financial institutions, suppliers, shareholders, community and the environment.

Team Spirit

We believe that the best possible results are obtained through teamwork, characterized by openness to new ideas, a spirit of service and respect, and the collaborative learning process in an environment of confidence.


Through innovation, we strive for sustainability, growth and company leadership in the development of new products, services, processes, businesses and markets.

Customer Oriented

Understanding and surpassing the expectations of our customers, consumers and users is a company priority; our permanence and growth depends on their satisfaction.