A Novel Electrical Porcelain Formulation reinforced with Ceramic Nanoparticles


nanotechnology-noticiaCeleco has developed a “state of the art” technology concept related with a new porcelain composition with superior properties than a conventional siliceous porcelain type C110. This novel concept is based on nanotechnology, which is defined as the research and technology development at the atomic, molecular or macromolecular levels, in the length scale of approximately 1-100 nanometer range.

The main purpose of this development was to find an innovative alternative to improve performance and feasibility of electrical porcelain insulators in comparison with traditional siliceous insulators. This research represented a great challenge to Celeco due to nanotechnology applications are quite new, therefore the solution proposed to successfully demonstrate this new technology was a scientific and technical collaboration between the Research and Development Team of Celeco and a local university in Nuevo Leon. Since 2010, several laboratory experiments have been done by following new product development methodologies in order to demonstrate this novel nano- concept. Project’s key milestones include, among others: identification and evaluation of nanoparticles alternatives, definition of nanoparticles concentration in final formulation, characterization of microstructural, physical, chemical, mechanical and electrical properties of nanostructured porcelain and technology demonstration by prototype insulators in laboratory. In 2015 technology demonstration will be completed by an industrial test in plant.

This development represents the first industrial attempt to incorporate nanotechnology concepts in electrical porcelain insulators not only in Mexico, but worldwide. Celeco has patent applications in Mexico and other countries of this new technology.

This is a clear example of how Celeco is committed with our clients and the society by offering innovative products with superior performance by innovation and the development of new technology alternatives and materials.