From its very beginnings, Celeco has maintained a clear sense of Social Responsibility in all the communities where it operates.

At Celeco we think of Social Responsibility as the commitment to fully comply with the objectives of its companies through strategies, practices and programs that benefit our various stakeholders, thus contributing to our economic, social and environmental sustainability, demonstrating a deep respect towards our ethical values, communities and the environment and contributing to the development of the common good.

In each of our operations, we want to develop activities within a framework of respect and commitment that allows the establishment of positive and constructive relations between our co-workers, clients, suppliers and the members of our community, always in respect of their culture and customs as well as of the environment.

Within the Social Responsibility Model of Celeco, we have four integrated areas of action: Ethics and Values, Resources and Environment, Quality of Life in the Company and Community Involvement

Ethics and Values:

We are committed to act according to laws and ethical principles at all times with absolute transparency and always speaking the truth, as well as to fulfill our business goals with clients, suppliers, investors, employees and with society.

Resources and Environment:

We are also committed to carry out all the operations of our companies so as to preserve our environment, care for natural resources and integrate principles of environmental leadership and sustainable development in all our business decisions and processes.

Quality of Life in the Company:

We are committed to generate favorable developmental conditions for everyone who is part of Celeco, and their families. For this, we favor an open and inclusive work environment, in which each of our collaborators feels highly motivated, productive and committed to propel their personal success as well as that of the company through a superior performance, striving for ongoing improvement and innovation.

Community Involvement:

We are also committed to invest time, expertise, knowledge and resources in various initiatives that influence the improvement of the living conditions and development of the communities where we work; these initiatives are relevant for both, the sustainability of those around us and our organization. This commitment can be translated into actions that foster human, social and/or economic development, for the benefit of the communities where we operate.